Reading Between Lines, Hiding Among Books

via Daily Prompt: Hideout There are times when I want to temporarily retreat from the world and escape its worries and absurdities. In moments like these, I find refuge in reading books. It has been a habit of mine to pick up a book, preferably a novel, and read whenever I want to take my… Continue reading Reading Between Lines, Hiding Among Books

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Heart of Vienna

Finally, I saw it. St. Stephen's Cathedral, the famous landmark located at the heart of the city of Vienna. With its elaborately designed southern tower reaching for the heavens, it is such a formidable architectural masterpiece. I was told that the view from the tower is very beautiful. I haven't climbed the steps of the… Continue reading St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Heart of Vienna


[Analysis of Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2: Forever is Not Enough] I know I am joining the conversation a bit late. Awards have already been given out, many reviews have been published, the film fest is almost over. I thought that I could just let my review of Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2:… Continue reading #AnyareKayRiza?

Skating Lesson Number 1

Earlier this week, I tried something that I’ve always wanted to do: ice skating. While in temperate countries skating is a sport that is easily available to many, it is not a common activity in tropical countries like mine. For most of my life, only two skating rinks existed in our land and both of… Continue reading Skating Lesson Number 1