A Day at the Prater

I love watching movies set in beautiful locations. They are usually very relaxing and, of course, very visually appealing. Among my favorite films of this kind are the movies in the ‘Before’ trilogy by Richard Linklater. All of them revolve around the relationship of the protagonists Celine and Jesse, but the flavor of each film… Continue reading A Day at the Prater

Reading Between Lines, Hiding Among Books

via Daily Prompt: Hideout There are times when I want to temporarily retreat from the world and escape its worries and absurdities. In moments like these, I find refuge in reading books. It has been a habit of mine to pick up a book, preferably a novel, and read whenever I want to take my… Continue reading Reading Between Lines, Hiding Among Books

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Heart of Vienna

Finally, I saw it. St. Stephen's Cathedral, the famous landmark located at the heart of the city of Vienna. With its elaborately designed southern tower reaching for the heavens, it is such a formidable architectural masterpiece. I was told that the view from the tower is very beautiful. I haven't climbed the steps of the… Continue reading St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Heart of Vienna


[Analysis of Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2: Forever is Not Enough] I know I am joining the conversation a bit late. Awards have already been given out, many reviews have been published, the film fest is almost over. I thought that I could just let my review of Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2:… Continue reading #AnyareKayRiza?

Skating Lesson Number 1

Earlier this week, I tried something that I’ve always wanted to do: ice skating. While in temperate countries skating is a sport that is easily available to many, it is not a common activity in tropical countries like mine. For most of my life, only two skating rinks existed in our land and both of… Continue reading Skating Lesson Number 1