On Maurice, Shakespeare, and the Wonders of Literature

In Beauty and the Beast (2017), when Belle returns home from her morning routine, she finds her father Maurice tinkering with a music box designed as a windmill house while reflecting through song about love’s role in preserving memories. The atmosphere of this scene is something very familiar to me. In my family, reflecting on… Continue reading On Maurice, Shakespeare, and the Wonders of Literature


A Tale as Old as Time, But in Keeping with the Times

[Review and Analysis of Disney's Beauty and the Beast Live Action Remake] WARNING: I will be tackling the major differences between the 2017 live action and the 1991 animated film Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, so there will be spoilers throughout this review. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and you do not like… Continue reading A Tale as Old as Time, But in Keeping with the Times

Vienna’s Art and History, In Daily Life

Last March 4, I met a friend who was visiting Vienna for the weekend. Our itinerary comprised of visiting the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace, strolling along the riverside of the Danube, and walking through the scenic route from the Stephansplatz to the Hofburg Palace to the Vienna Burggarten to the Museums Quartier, and finally… Continue reading Vienna’s Art and History, In Daily Life

A Day at the Prater

I love watching movies set in beautiful locations. They are usually very relaxing and, of course, very visually appealing. Among my favorite films of this kind are the movies in the ‘Before’ trilogy by Richard Linklater. All of them revolve around the relationship of the protagonists Celine and Jesse, but the flavor of each film… Continue reading A Day at the Prater

Reading Between Lines, Hiding Among Books

via Daily Prompt: Hideout There are times when I want to temporarily retreat from the world and escape its worries and absurdities. In moments like these, I find refuge in reading books. It has been a habit of mine to pick up a book, preferably a novel, and read whenever I want to take my… Continue reading Reading Between Lines, Hiding Among Books

St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Heart of Vienna

Finally, I saw it. St. Stephen's Cathedral, the famous landmark located at the heart of the city of Vienna. With its elaborately designed southern tower reaching for the heavens, it is such a formidable architectural masterpiece. I was told that the view from the tower is very beautiful. I haven't climbed the steps of the… Continue reading St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Heart of Vienna