Weaving My Dream to Be a Writer

via Daily Prompt: Pursue The very moment I stepped inside the University of Vienna’s Hauptbibliothek, I felt right at home. It was a beautiful, old-fashioned European library. There’s a short spiral staircase leading to the bookshelves that were arranged alphabetically. Long tables line up the room. Each table has reading lamps that look like scales,… Continue reading Weaving My Dream to Be a Writer


Capturing the Seasons in Literature

Living in a temperate country for the past three months made me learn more about the beauty of, and problems that go with, the changing of the seasons. No wonder weather and seasons have been the subject of many a poem. It was winter when I arrived in Austria. From the window of the train,… Continue reading Capturing the Seasons in Literature

On Maurice, Shakespeare, and the Wonders of Literature

In Beauty and the Beast (2017), when Belle returns home from her morning routine, she finds her father Maurice tinkering with a music box designed as a windmill house while reflecting through song about love’s role in preserving memories. The atmosphere of this scene is something very familiar to me. In my family, reflecting on… Continue reading On Maurice, Shakespeare, and the Wonders of Literature

Reading Between Lines, Hiding Among Books

via Daily Prompt: Hideout There are times when I want to temporarily retreat from the world and escape its worries and absurdities. In moments like these, I find refuge in reading books. It has been a habit of mine to pick up a book, preferably a novel, and read whenever I want to take my… Continue reading Reading Between Lines, Hiding Among Books