When History Judges the Critics Wrong

Welcome to Part II of the Criticism Special. Last time, I shared my ideas about some qualities that make a good critic. But, as explained in that post, no critic is perfect. Today, we will face that issue head on: what if the critics' opinion are proven to be wrong? *** We’ve heard this story… Continue reading When History Judges the Critics Wrong


What Makes a Good Critic?

Hi, welcome to Part I of the Criticism Special. As I promised in my last post, I will devote July and August for issues regarding criticism.  One of the issues that plagues criticism is some people's seeming lack of trust on critics. Responding to this issue, I'll highlight a few important characteristics of a credible,… Continue reading What Makes a Good Critic?

Criticism Today

I have been reading a lot again for leisure lately. Not novels or poems, but essays, more specifically non-academic reviews and criticism. These types of writing are slightly similar to the papers I used to read for graduate studies and work in that both try to dig deeper into the art and discuss it critically.… Continue reading Criticism Today

An Art-filled Afternoon at the Albertina

My stay in Vienna wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one museum. With all the museums in this city, it would be regrettable to not visit even just one. For my first museum trip, I specifically chose to visit the Albertina. I felt that their line-up of exhibits at that time would suit my… Continue reading An Art-filled Afternoon at the Albertina

Weaving My Dream to Be a Writer

via Daily Prompt: Pursue The very moment I stepped inside the University of Vienna’s Hauptbibliothek, I felt right at home. It was a beautiful, old-fashioned European library. There’s a short spiral staircase leading to the bookshelves that were arranged alphabetically. Long tables line up the room. Each table has reading lamps that look like scales,… Continue reading Weaving My Dream to Be a Writer

Watching The Marriage of Figaro at the Wiener Staatsoper

It was such a joy to see Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) at the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera House) last night, May 2, 2017. It was my first live opera but not my first experience watching a show at the Wiener Staatsoper. Last March 4, I watched the ballet Onegin… Continue reading Watching The Marriage of Figaro at the Wiener Staatsoper

Capturing the Seasons in Literature

Living in a temperate country for the past three months made me learn more about the beauty of, and problems that go with, the changing of the seasons. No wonder weather and seasons have been the subject of many a poem. It was winter when I arrived in Austria. From the window of the train,… Continue reading Capturing the Seasons in Literature